Hand Warmers (4)


The REUSABLE Click It Hot Hand Warmer is designed to fit in the palm, or on top, of your hand. It’s a pocket-sized pad that’s great for keeping your hands and feet warm. The Click It Hot Hand Warmer can be used hot and cold and comes 2 per package! The Click It Hot Hand Warmer is a reusable hot and cold pad. It heats to a comfortable 130 degrees that lasts up to 30 minutes, Great for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, arthritis sufferers, and people who spend a lot of time outdoors. How It Works - Click-It, Use-It, Bag-It 1. Click the Coin 2. Massage the Pad while heating to keep Pad pliable 3. Insert Pads into the Use-It Hand Warmer Use-It (Available Soon) 4. Available in 4 colors red, blue, green, and purple. 5. 2 for $12.00, 4 for $20.00