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  • How do the Click It Hot Packs work?
    When squeezing (or clicking) the metal disc, a reaction is set off, causing the liquid inside to immediately crystallize and heat up to 130 degrees.
  • Do I need to click all the “buttons” on the larger sizes to activate them?
    No. The buttons you see on the larger sizes are only there to allow for more flexibility of the pack. Activating the pack only requires clicking the single metal disc.
  • Will the Click It Hot Packs reset themselves after I am done using them?
    No. To reset the packs, boil them in water until clear, then allow to cool to room temperature before reusing.
  • Why is my pack rock solid after I've finished using it?
    When activating the heat pack, crystals form immediately. They remain soft for a while but as they cool down, they begin to harden. Eventually, the pack will be quite solid. To return the pack back to its liquid state, simply boil for the recommended length of time.
  • How do I make it a cold pack?
    In its liquid state, place the pack inside your refrigerator for 1-2 hours. The pack can remain in the refrigerator for an unlimited length of time without causing any damage.
  • I like to interchange hot and cold therapy. Will clicking the coin make my pack become nice and hot right after taking it out of the fridge?
  • Can I place my Click it Hot Pack in the freezer to make it cold?
    Yes, BUT only for a few minutes. If placed in the freezer much longer than that, the pack will activate itself, become hot then rapidly cool down and the crystals will become hard. NOTE: PLACING IN THE FREEZER CAN CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE PACK. Placing in the refrigerator is the ideal way to get a cold pack.
  • I put my Click it Hot Pack in the freezer and now it’s rock solid. How do I “unfreeze” it?
    The pack never actually froze in the first place (see question above). To reset your pack, simply boil in a pot of water per recommended length of time for your pack (see question below).
  • How long should I boil my pack for?
    Recommended boiling times: Neck/Shoulder : 20-30 minutes Back/Abdomen: 15-20 minutes Knee/Joint : 10-15 minutes Hand Warmer : 5-10 minutes
  • I boiled my Click It Hot Pack and it is crystallizing all over again by itself. Is my pack defective?
    Not necessarily. More than likely, the pack wasn’t boiled long enough (see above for recommended times). Just boil it again until the pack is completely clear, then remove from water and allow to cool. If it continues to re-crystallize on its own after boiling, the pack may be defective. See page entitled “exchange policy”.
  • I tried clicking the coin but it won’t work. It looked so easy when the salesperson showed it to me at the expo…
    If the coin has never been clicked before, it may require several clicks. Afterwards, simple pressure on the coin will cause the pack to activate. To activate a pack which has never been clicked before, you will want to snap the coin similar to how you would snap a hair clip (or hair barrette).
  • What if one of my kids or my dog breaks it open? Are the contents toxic?
    The liquid in Click-It Hot Packs is simply sodium acetate (a compound made from vinegar and salt water) and water. The main flavoring used in making salt-and- vinegar potato chips is sodium acetate, to give an example. The plastic glove of the pack is BPA-free. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics since the 1960s and there are many controversial reports that BPA may pose certain serious risks to health. For this reason, we ensured that our packs were manufactured with BPA-free plastic. Click it Hot Packs are environmentally safe, non-toxic & FDA approved.
  • Can the Click it Hot Packs puncture if poked with something sharp?
    Yes. Try not to poke it with sharp things. Please use rubber spatulas if you need to.
  • What if there is something defective with my Click it Hot Pack but it is a manufacturer defect?
    See our "Shipping & Warranty" information.
  • Can I boil my Click it Hot Pack in the microwave?
    No. There is a metal disc inside the pack and could cause damage if placed inside a microwave.
  • What is inside my Click it Hot Pack?
    Sodium acetate, which is a salt and vinegar solution; it is non-toxic. Furthermore, as there is no electricity involved, Click it Hot Packs are safer to use than electric heating pads.
  • Is the temperature of the Click it Hot Packs safe? Will it burn me?
    The packs will heat up to 130 degrees. This is typically a perfectly safe temperature and is the same temperature used in “hot rock” massages. Safer than an electric heat pad. If you have particularly sensitive skin, be sure to place a towel or cloth between your skin and the hot pack.
  • How many times can I use my Click it Hot Pack?
    As long as you take good care of it, there is no limit on how many times it can be used.
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