Welcome to Medi's Inc
A trusted and reputable name pain relief.

How It Works!

    Heat Activation
  • Snap the metal coin
  • Hear the Click
  • Watch it Crystallize
  • Massage the Heat Pad
  • Cold Activation
  • Refrigerate Pad
  • To Reuse
  • Use Dish Cloth Under Pad
  • Place in Boiling Water
  • 2 year Warranty
  • Send Questions to
  • medisinc@yahoo.com

If you got pains and aches we got the solution to help. Medi's Inc has a variety of high quality reusable heating and cooling pads from Click It Hot. These nontoxic pads and non-allergenic pads can hold a heat of 130° F and can get as cold as 33° F. Place the pad in the fridge to cool it down or by just a push of a button you can heat up the pad. These universal and reusable pads are great for aches, pains, cold weather, or any use you need. We offer a variety of colors, shapes and sizes specially designed for the human body. A unique combination of salt water, vinegar and the zinc reactor are the special ingredients that make this all work. We offer a variety of collections to meet all your needs!

Medi's inc also offers Infinity Light Lampshades made up of quadrilateral, interlocking pieces that assemble into beautiful spheres. These fun kits allow you to pick your favorite colors, shapes, sizes and assemble into many different shapes. We will even assemble them for you! The Infinity Lights include a 13 foot power cord and are approved for indoor and outdoor use!

Medi's inc has been a corporation since 1999. I started the corporation to start up a restaurant. Since then I have been DBA as several concepts. I have been involved in door to door and business to business sales, fundraising, marketing, promotional events, trade shows, fairs, sporting events, foreign exchange and more. My goal is to provide great customer service and help others get great products and service.